Greetings Divergent Fans!

Yesterday, Kevin and I made an appearance on the Dentalpreneur Podcast with Dr. Mark Costes to kick off Metric Mondays, where we do quick discussions about various metrics and what you can do with it.

If you haven’t done so already, have a listen here…

As promised, we are giving away the Open Dental Attrition Query code written by Kevin Rossen.  Why is this valuable?  Well, you can use it to pull a master list of active patients that have fallen into attrition out of your practice and use it for reactivation marketing.

If you want the code, send an email to michael@divergentdental.com and put in the subject line “Attrition Code” and I will send to you as an attachment.

Here’s how to use it…

  1. Launch Open Dental
  2. Go to Reports
  3. Pull down User Query
  4. Cut and paste the code in the attached file
  5. Hit Submit

18 months is standard, but you can adjust to 24, 36, 72, or whatever time frames you like.

What you can do with this list:

  1. Create custom audience in Facebook and run ads
  2. Use MailChimp, Infusionsoft, Legwork, Hubspot, etc. to do email follow ups
  3. Go old school and make some phone calls
  4. Send postcards

Hope this helps!